Andrew Collinge and TIGI Present Custom Blonde

This summer we are proud to have worked with TIGI on the latest Custom Blonde collection.

Inspired by a passion for hairdressing, both brands have worked together to create a collection of looks. Our Custom Blonde collection combines the new TIGI Custom Blonde shades with the beautiful, feminine styling that Andrew Collinge Hairdressing is renowned for.

Listening to and understanding what our clients want is important to us and keeping this in mind, the Custom Blonde collection consists of wearable, inspiring looks that can easily work with different lifestyles.

For this latest collection, our salon stylists Jayne Littler, Chris Cain and Joe Reynolds have worked together along with Warren Boodaghians, TIGI European Technical Academy Director, to create a selection of styles inspired by our salon’s clients.

Andrew Collinge and TIGI

Andrew Collinge began working with TIGI in 2009. TIGI founder Anthony Mascolo and Andrew have known each other for many years, since they were in their early 20’s and were both working and demonstrating hairdressing on the international stage.

When Anthony suggested that the Andrew Collinge team would enjoy working with TIGI colour, Andrew was happy to introduce it to the Creative Team. Right from the beginning the Andrew Collinge team loved working with the Copyright Colour range as it allowed them to be more creative and achieve fantastic results. A great working partnership was formed and the Andrew Collinge Creative team has been fortunate to produce many stunning hair collections working at the TIGI photographic studio in London.

To find out more about the new Custom Blonde collection, drop into any Andrew Collinge salon for a free consultation. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter to view more styles from the collection.