The Coolest Summer Looks

relaxed looks prevail

After the strict minimalism of last year's fashion and hair, this season sees a return to a much more relaxed style for clothes, hair and make up. The trend has been for a plethora of pattern and vivid colour in fashion and so it follows that hair should be carefree and casual to compliment this.

As with all casual looks there is a fine line between messy and an effortless looking natural look.

Lets start with hair colour. This Summer the look is very much ‘sunkissed’.

clean creamy shades for blondes

If you are blonde choose colours that are clean, creamy shades or caramel and golden tones. If you are a brunette a scattering of lighter honey toned highlights around the hairline creates the perfect effect.

Make up looks on the catwalks also featured a lot of sunkissed looks. They were a far cry from the all-over bronzed looks of yesteryear. Instead, a subtle golden sheen was the desired effect.

To achieve the make up look shown here, firstly forget foundation and instead opt for Ariane Poole Brightening CC Cream SPF 20. (£24.00).This amazing cream appears white and then adapts to your own skin colour as you apply it. The effect is really natural.

choose concealer if you dont need a tinted moisturiser

If you don’t need a tinted moisturiser choose a concealer instead and just use a little where needed, perhaps under eyes and on blemishes. Try Ariane poole Illuminating Pen (£19.90).
It comes in a range of colours but to achieve the desired effect, choose a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. The Illuminating Pen provides light coverage and can be used as a general lift on the top of cheekbones, under brows and on the cupids bow as well as under eyes.For the most important step of this look and to create a healthy, dewy complexion, one of my favourite make up products is Ariane Poole Under Eye and Face Brightener. (£22.00). This is perfect to create a little brightness to the top of the cheekbones and under the brows. Ariane Poole Contour Powder Duo in Pickup Artist £24.00. Use the coral shade on the apples of the cheeks and the bronze shade under the cheekbones, temples, tip of the nose and the chin to create a hint of a glowing tan.

For an easy eye look I love Arianne Poole Liquid Eyeshadow

For an easy eye look I love Arianne Poole Liquid Eyeshadow. Simply apply a small amount to each eyelid and smooth all-over and into the crease. This dries to a long lasting gorgeous shimmer. (Ariane Poole Eyeshine – Starburst - £18.00 available from

You then only need mascara and either a natural lip gloss such as Ariane Poole Luxury Gloss £15.50, or for evening a neon bright such as Ariane Poole Colour Stick in delightful – a gorgeous vibrant coral. (£14.00)

achieve this look with a rough blow dry

Finally the hair. To achieve the wavy hairstyle in the picture, roughly blow dry the hair using CO by Andrew Collinge Blow Dry Lotion. When almost dry take sections of hair, curl the hair around your finger and grip into place. When you have completed the whole head you can sit in the evening sun and allow it to completely dry.
When you remove the grips make sure the hair is completely dry. Then the secret is not to use a brush. Just shake your hair upside down and rake your fingers through it – throw your head back to create this beautiful look.
To keep the style in place, use a little CO by Andrew Collinge Firm Hold Hair Spray. (A smaller travel size is available). Available from

Article by Liz Collinge