Top 3 Hairstyles for Graduation

 CO Blow Dry Lotion Updo

Graduation season is upon us and whether you’re a student waving goodbye to University or a proud parent on the sidelines, the momentous occasion is one to look forward to and to look good for. We give you a rundown of our top hairstyles for the occasion.

Whilst a graduation cap rules out a number of updo’s, there are a number of alternatives for those wanting to sweep hair from the face. Lifting long hair into a side plait or a low ponytail can be flattering and both hairstyles can be easily accessorised for the occasion.

Nicola explains how she created this look
1) Prep wet hair with CO Blow Dry Lotion and blow dry the hair wavy.
2) Backcomb the hair from the crown down to the middle of the head, smooth and secure with grips.
3) Wrap a piece of hair over the grips and pin into place.

CO Blow Dry Lotion and Argan Oil Waves

If you’re looking for a glamorous way to wear hair down, perhaps the side-swept look is the look to try. This popular hairstyle is a great way to make a statement and can be altered easily to suit both long and shorter cuts. For an extra glamorous finish, use large rollers to create big curls. Alternatively, if you want a more casual finish, use to a wand to add relaxed waves to the hair.

Jayne explains how to create the look
1) Prep the hair using Andrew Collinge CO Blow Dry Lotion and Argan Oil, making sure that both of the hair products have been applied evenly from root to tip.
2) Use a wand to wave the hair ensuring it cools down before dressing out.
3) Using a soft bristle brush to comb through and told the hair into shape.

Side Braid

Braids are top of the style file for many this summer and working a braid into your hair doesn’t have to be complicated. Whilst a fishtail braid looks great, a simple plait is a casual alternative that looks just as effective. We recommend plaiting to one side, as this is a style that will work particularly well with a graduation cap. The side plait can easily be gripped into place to ensure your hair looks good throughout the day.

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Article by Stefanie Chew