Silhouette Shading

Andrew Collinge Custom Blonde

Silhouette Shading is perfect for clients wanting to update their look. This commercially-focused technique blends foils and all over colour using the hair as the canvas. To achieve this look, we created back-to-back fine weaves around the face to give a strong silhouette placement. Natural looking highlights created an iridescent look throughout the rest of the hair.

Joe Reynolds, Andrew Collinge Style Director explains, “I wanted to create a wearable style with body and a comfortable, ‘lived in’ feel. My model has fine hair so I started by washing and conditioning the hair with Bed Head Fully Loaded Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner before blow-drying the hair with a large round brush to create extra height. Once dry, I used a regular sized wand to create waves. These were then wound into a curl and gripped in place. Once the hair had cooled down I removed the grips. To keep the texture and finish relaxed I used my fingers to rake through the hair to break up the waves and allow the style to take shape. To keep the style in place and create extra volume I used Bed Head Full of It Volume Finishing Hairspray. To finish the look and to give the look a ‘lived-in’ textured finish, I used Bed Head Joyride.

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