Top 10 Tips for Perfect Wedding Makeup

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Ariane Poole, a professional makeup artist with more than 35 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, gives us her 10 top tips for perfect wedding makeup.

1. Look like yourself but better
I all ways tell my brides that they should be true to themselves. If you are someone who wears no makeup then keep your bridal makeup simple. Don’t let anyone, even a makeup artist, tell that you should or need to wear more makeup on the day if it doesn’t feel right. At the same time if you are someone who loves their makeup don’t be tempted to go au natural unless you have tried it before. Wear all the makeup you want if that is your signature look.

2. Plan your Bridal Makeup
If you are planning to use a professional makeup artist, have a trial run about 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding so that you know what you are getting and take pictures. Even if the makeup artist is someone famous or you have known for a while. The trial run is the time to try makeup samples and different styles and colours. DON’T try anything new or different on the wedding day.

3) DIY
If you decide to do your bridal makeup yourself, why not take advantage of the many cosmetic companies that offer free bridal makeovers. By doing this, you'll have the opportunity to pick and choose colours, products and makeup samples that are best for you. Another alternative is to book a makeup lesson with a professional makeup artist as many offer this service. Make sure to take pictures.

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4) New Looks
If you want to try out different looks then 2 or 3 months before your wedding is the time to start experimenting. You definitely don’t want to leave it to your Wedding Day and don’t do it any earlier unless you are certain your skin tone (tan) or hair colour won’t change.

5) Matchy Matchy
No longer do you need to match all the bridesmaids’ make-up so they lose their individuality. Your bridesmaids will thank you if you allow them to co-ordinate with each other while still allowing them to settle with a look that's right for them. Take into consideration their skin tone and age when deciding on the make-up look and have a make-up run through with your bridesmaids. You need to be sure that everyone is looking the way you want them to and are feeling happy. Again, take pictures.

6) Too Trendy
Although you may want to be a modern bride, beware of following trends. What is on trend today or this season may make you cringe in a few years time. Remember that you’ll want to look back at photos fondly.

7) Panic Beauty
So many brides plan facials, false tans, manicures, botox and teeth whitening a week before the wedding hoping they will look great on the day, but what commonly happens in these situations is skin erupts, teeth become over sensitive and faux tans look fake. The solution is to plan ahead. Start or continue a good skincare routine, have regular manicures, see skin specialists, dentists etc at least 6 months before the wedding day. Do a test tan a few weeks before wedding and have it topped up 3 days before the big day. To make sure your nails look divine, try a long lasting manicure 2 days before the wedding.

Andrew Collinge Custom Blonde

8) When to Shine
I know all brides want to look radiant both on the day and in the photos but be careful that you don’t look greasy. Keep the t-zone shine free, highlight the tops of the cheek bones and under the arch of the brows. Be careful as some powder mineral foundations can make you look sweaty in pictures. If you're not a fan of powder then try one of the many Anti-shine primers which goes on under your foundation or alternatively, try a tinted moisturiser. This is also a great option for the groom as it will ensure that he won’t look sweaty.

9) False Lashes
I love false lashes especially on a bride but if you are going to have the semi-permanent lashes try them a couple of weeks before the day. I've had many brides who have had their eyelashes done the day before and hated them because they were just too long and spider like. Another option is the individual lashes that you can remove at the end of the night. These are the lashes I use on my brides because they come in different sizes and because we have seen how great they look when I have done the trial.

10) Photos
If you are having black and white wedding photos consider your lip colour. Pale nude lipstick shades will make you look like you have no lips while red lipstick can look black. You may want to adjust your lipstick colour accordingly.

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