Wedding Hairstyles

Francesca Clarke, Andrew Collinge Hairdressing Tutor of the Year

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or simply attending a wedding as a guest this summer, picking a wedding hairstyle is a task that doesn’t need to be difficult. We give you a few style tips and ideas to help you decide on your look for the big day.

Hair up
With an abundance of hair up options available, it may be difficult to pinpoint the perfect option, however do your research. Experimenting with updos prior to the wedding will help you get a feel for a new look. It’ll help you assess whether a style will be easily manageable on the big day and will give you the chance to get used to the look.

You should wear a hairstyle that you feel comfortable with, a style that is you, that you would normally wear. My personal preference is a soft updo.
Jess, Stylist, Castle Street salon, Liverpool

Use a hairstyle that will never date. A good option is a natural chignon. This will never date and will look good in pictures for years to come.
Olivia, Stylist, Castle Street salon, Liverpool

Creative Stylist of the Year, Nicola Cunningham

Add a touch of sparkle to your wedding day hairstyle by dressing up your look with chic accessories. Bejewelled crowns, brooches, chains and floral hair pieces can be teamed with soft, casual hairstyles for a relaxed style, or with intricate updo’s for a more refined finish. The simple addition of a few accessories will give any hairstyle an elegant finish, perfect for a wedding.

I love a wedding style that is classical and structured with the appropriate accessories.
Alex, Stylist, Chester salon

Castle Street, Liverpool, Andrew Collinge Salon of the Year

If you’re looking for a glamorous way to wear hair down, consider curls as an option. Curls are a great way to make a statement and can be altered easily to suit both long and shorter cuts. Waves, texture and curls were a popular choice on many of the Spring Summer 2017 catwalks and were used to add volume and texture to the hairstyles. For an extra glamorous finish, use large rollers to create big curls. Alternatively, if you want a more casual low maintenance hairstyle, consider using a wand to add relaxed waves to the hair.

I love soft curls for a wedding hairstyle. For the perfect finish, loosely pin up half of the hair and add body through the top.
Amy, Stylist, Ormskirk Salon

Castle Street, Liverpool, Andrew Collinge Salon of the Year

Some final tips...
Don’t change who you are
However tempted you may be to dramatically change your hair colour, length or style, think before you act. Your wedding hairstyle should be an extension of your current look and you’ll want to find a style you feel comfortable in. Whilst trends come and go, your wedding wedding photos will last forever, therefore choosing a classic timeless look will ensure your wedding day photos don’t look dated.

On the big day
If you’re visiting a salon allow plenty of time to get home, change into your dress and enjoy photographs before you leave the house. I sometimes prefer to work with hair when it’s not too soft. It may be advisable to visit the salon the day before to have hair washed and set and on the day itself the hair will be easier to work with. All these decisions will be made during a practise with your hairdresser prior to the wedding day.

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Article by Stefanie Chew