Summer Beauty Trends 2017: Into The Pink

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Beauty trends for summer 2017

Summer Beauty Trends 2017- Into The Pink

When it comes to beauty trends for Summer 2017, shades of blush, cerise or flamingo – any colour as long as it’s pink, is the mantra.

It is the most flattering colour as long as you understand what your personal pink is. So how do you discover which pink is for you? It’s all about understanding your skin tone and enhancing it to make you look healthier, younger and to bring out the colour of your eyes.

You will probably instinctively know whether you are warm are cool by the colours you have in your wardrobe. You just need to interpret these colours to work for your make up.

If you are cool toned with a rosy undertone to your skin and suit wearing, black, white and grey but also blue, lilac and pink then you will find it easy to choose blue-based make up. These range from baby pinks, rose tones to deeper cerise and magenta. For a dramatic look, keep make up very simple and wear the hottest pink you can find on your lips. In our Liverpool and Heswall salons you can find the gorgeous Ariane Poole range of cosmetics. I love the Hydrating Lipbalm in Dragon Fruit £17.00 which will definitely make a statement.
If you prefer something soft, feminine and subtle then opt for the Luxury Lip Gloss in Blossom Rose £17.00.

If you are warm toned with a golden skin tone and you tend to buy clothes in the palette of brown, beige, orange and citrus shades you should choose shades with a coral or yellow base. For a stunning lip look I would go for Ariane Poole Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink Lemonade £17.00. Although pink it has a warm coral undertone, which will flatter warmer colourings.

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This season has also seen a more adventurous approach to make up with unexpected splashes of make up on the cheeks and also pink eye shadow. This is not as difficult to wear as you might think. The secret is to keep it simple. In this shoot I used pink along the top lash line. It is a fabulous contrast to blue eyes and flattering to everyone as long as you keep it to the top lids. Bobbi Brown Eye Gloss in Island Pink is perfect for this £19.50. You can get the effect with just one sweep of colour, the perfect, carefree summer look.

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On the other hand if you are more of natural kind of girl, I suggest going for the flushed cheek look. You will look pretty as an English rose. Forget the harsh contouring of last season and instead choose a beautiful, soft shade of pink over the apples of your cheeks. Cream formulations work well in the heat and create a natural flushed appearance, healthy and fresh. I am often asked how to find the apples of the cheeks; simply smile and start from the roundest part and work outwards. Ariane has launched Colour Sticks for cheeks. £22.00. Adorable is a colour that seems to suit everyone and is a fabulous shade for sunny weather. A little highlighting to the top of the cheeks adds that super, sunkissed look. For this use Colour stick in Ignite – a shimmering ivory.

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Finally, you are not really dressed without nail polish. I personally love a classic nude tone to offset all these hot pinks. In the Jessica range I have been choosing, Intrigue (left)– a subtle nude with a hint of blush or Naked Gun (right)– a peachy pink. These classic neutral shades look fantastic on oval shaped nails creating an elongated elegant effect. They also provide a great base for nail art. Try something different by adding fuchsia pink tips, stripes or a burst of rose gold glitter.

Article by Liz Collinge
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