Andrew Collinge, in associated with the Chartered Hair Institute of Professional Stylists (CHIPS), is proud to introduce REPLICUT—a fully automated AI-powered hair cutting technology.


Are you tired of every other client coming in and requesting to look like this or that celebrity? Do you spend most of your time creating the same hair cut for clients obsessed with Hollywood’s latest starlet? REPLICUT aims to change all of that—for good.


With its patented Hand Automated Interior Rotator System (HAIRS™), REPLICUT ingeniously replicates the typical action of multiple scissors. It’s akin to having 4.29 hairdressers working on one head of hair at once.  REPLICUT allows you to replicate the perfect hairstyle in no time at all.


Its HAIRS ™ cutting technology does the hard work for you. You simply input the hair cut your client would like—chosen from a library of classic and contemporary haircuts chosen by top hairstylists—and REPLICUT does the rest. It truly is that simple.


Says Andrew Collinge, “I don’t often endorse products within the hair industry however I am so pleased to be backing REPLICUT. It really is the next best thing since the comb. There’s a considerable amount of technology and science behind the product but, in a nut shell, it is an A.I. driven machine that will cut hair for you in half the time but with all the client satisfaction. I can see a near future where there’s REPLICUTS in every salon.”


To show the magic of REPLICUT, Andrew volunteered to have a people’s choice haircut. The winning vote was Eminem. We feel it suits him.

REPLICUT will save you not only time but also money. It’s a snip at £9999.99—it will pay for itself in no time (we cannot guarantee this).



Cannot be used on pets, children or the owners of very small heads. Unit must charge for a total of 208 hours before initial use. Using the unit before a full charge voids any warranty. If the power drains past 100%, the internal cutting mechanisms will fail at a rate of 10.3% for every 1% of power lost. REPLICUT cannot be held responsible for users selecting and then receiving the wrong haircut. HAIRS must be oiled every 15 hours to maintain their cutting prowess. Two units must never be plugged into the same power bank. Despite heavy research and coercion, AI refuses to cut mullets.

You can pick up your very own REPLICUT here