Company Spotlight: Lydia Brobbin

We asked Lydia Brobbin about her journey with Andrew Collinge and this is what she said:

My journey with Andrew Collinge began back in 2016 when I started as an assistant in the Selfridges salon in Manchester, I worked here for two years. 


After this I went on to do my Level 3 at the Graduates salon in Liverpool and fell in love with the city. 


I then made the decision to move here and began to work as a Stylist.


The key parts of my journey have been growing as a person and as a passionate hair stylist. Working with the company has allowed my to show off my creative flare and given me the chance to work with amazing people. 

My favourite part of the job is being able to work with Andrew and do creative work. I remember in my first year working on stage at hair club live I was so nervous. I have gained so much confidence and can’t want to see what the future holds. 


I’m most proud of myself and how far I have come; taking part in a shoot a few weeks ago and then seeing images of my work at the front of the Graduates shop window was just amazing. 


I see my self continuing to work hard and work in the flagship salon where I can be on the art team.


The best thing about my job is having the ability to make people feel good. I get to meet so many people from different walks of life. I also love working with a good motivated team–it’s like having a second family.