Blogger Spotlight: Angelyque of thenoirstandard

We caught up with blogger Angelyque to find out a bit about her and her hair. Here’s what she had to say:


Tell us a bit about you… So my name is Angelyque, it means happiness in Greek, and I am from a long and skinny south american country called Chile. I absolutely adore the sunshine, a good book and a strong cup of coffee. I’m the type of girl who loves dancing around to cheesy songs and I have a strong admiration for pasta.

What are you loving at the moment about Instagram? If we’re talking about the app itself – I’m really enjoying the new ‘quiz’ feature on stories, it’s really fun to put your followers to the test and see how they do! As for an IG trend, I am currently loving the whole french beauty trend, this is where you accentuate your natural beauty by using a few makeup products and then slap on a red lipstick.

What does your morning hair routine look like? I rush quite a bit in the mornings, as I always choose sleep over everything, so I try to be quick in the shower. I use a Lush Hair Soap as shampoo, a conditioning and hydrating conditioner on my ends, towel wrap my hair and then I get into the bedroom where I spray the CO By Andrew Collinge Blow Drying Lotion and follow up by using the cold setting on my hair dryer. This gives me a boost at the roots and lets my fringe catch a natural wave!

What is your favourite hairstyle? I’ve been loving the half-up, half-down do. I like to call it the Instant Facelift hairstyle!

What (or who) inspires you? Nature inspires me more than people I think. I’ve never been one to think ‘Oh Michelle Obama is so inspiring that I’m gonna get to the gym this morning and ace my life’, but seeing a beautiful sunrise or going for a little adventure through a forest will leave me feeling thankful and motivated to keep doing me.

What was the most cringe hairstyle you’ve ever had? For my mum’s wedding, I was 15 and going through a deep ’emo’ stage and I had decided to bleach my fringe (at home, without supervision), dye the rest of my hair black, and add yellow, orange, green and blue to my fringe as an act of rebellion. She was definitely not pleased when I turned up to my Bridesmaid dress fitting with a choppy haircut and a multicoloured fringe.

Is there anything you’d love to do to your hair but are a bit afraid of? I would absolutely love to be blonde for a while. Just all over. But I’ve always been scared that my hair will be too damaged!

If you had to pick a life motto, what would it be? ‘There’s beauty in everything’.

We recently gifted Angelyque with our CO Blow Dry Lotion and we’re loving the results. You can pick yours up here or find out more about Angelyque on her Instagram.