Blogger Spotlight: MamaHomeLife

We caught up with Katherine of MamaHomeLife to find out more about her and her hair. Here’s what she had to say:

What does your morning hair routine look like? My morning hair routine is as simple as brushing, straightening and hoping for the best – we all have bad hair days sometimes don’t we? haha.

What are you loving at the moment about Instagram? I love finding new people to talk to, it’s fun to learn things about how other peoples days and lives are – especially people who live in different countries!

What is your favourite hairstyle? I love rocking a high ponytail, it’s super quick and easy.

What was the most cringe hairstyle you’ve ever had? When I was probably around 16 or so, I decided to cut myself a full fringe after dying my whole head dark brown. Neither of which suited me as I have cool toned skin and a round face. I’m facepalming at the thought of it now!

Is there anything you’d love to do to your hair but are a bit afraid of? I’ve recently become obsessed with undercuts! I love the idea of shaving the underneath of my hair off and dying it rainbow colours, but I worry I wouldn’t get the line straight and that it won’t suit me.

If you had to pick a life motto, what would it be? “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – I live by this as self care is so important. When you take time to relax and look after yourself, it allow you to then help others and focus better on your goals.

Katherine was recently gifted CO Hair Moisturiser. We think it’s made her hair more shiny given it a healthy glow. You can pick up your own Hair Moisturiser here or to find out more about Katherine, visit her Instagram.