Blogger Spotlight: VolubleBlogger

In the latest in our series, we’ve caught up with blogger VolubleBlogger to find out a bit about her and her hair. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us a bit about you… My name is Sarah and I’m 20 something Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger from Liverpool. I’m also a Primary Teacher, which I love just as much!

What are you loving at the moment about Instagram? I like the engagement on Instagram. I truly find it the most engaging social media (despite the lower engagement algorithm!) I have found some genuine friends through Instagram that have been an ongoing support. I find it updates much faster than other social media, with more people accessing it on a daily basis.

What does your morning hair routine look like? Sadly with work, I tend to throw my hair up. However, this has helped my fine, slow growing hair to grow just that little bit more! But I always apply heat protection before styling. I do love to apply a hair mask of an evening to unwind.

What is your favourite hairstyle? I love loose curls with a centre parting.

What was the most cringe hairstyle you’ve ever had? I have wavy hair, this does not look good super short Mum!

Is there anything you’d love to do to your hair but are a bit afraid of? I’d love to see what I’d look like platinum blonde.

VolubleBlogger was recently gifted our CO Hair Moisturiser and the difference it made to her hair is incredible. You can pick up your own Hair Moisuriser here of find out more about VolubleBlogger here.