International Womens Day 2020 – Employee Spotlight

An equal world is an enabled world. We are excited to join people around the world in celebrating and uplifting women on International Womens’ Day 2020. We actively choose to challenge stereotypes, bias and preconceived notions today and every day.

Today in particular, we are shining a spotlight on two amazing women in our company.

Ruth Dickinson – Operations Manager – Andrew Collinge Hairdressing

Tell us a bit about you. I’m 43, Enjoy the outdoors and nature and have risen to some challenges over the years set by my husband. Hiking to the summit of the Atlas Mountains in Marrakesh is a very memorable one. 4000 meters altitude at the highest peak in all of North Africa! I couldn’t walk for days!  And competing a Via Ferrata in Switzerland, both certainly helped build resilience and mental strength.

Being involved in my local community is really important and, being a member of my local WI, supporting, celebrating and championing women. Over the last 100 years, WI members have campaigned on an incredible range of issues, increasing public awareness and bringing about real change. It’s not all about Jam & Jerusalem.

What you are most proud of outside of wok? Has to be raising my little boy Albert. He’s a very energetic & inquisitive four year old.

What do you like most about working at Andrew Collinge? I’m proud to have been a part of the company since 2002. I get job satisfaction from helping and supporting people and enjoy working together as a team. I enjoy the diversity of my role and am proud that I am part of a team that has helped develop and built on the brand over the years and launched new salons. I’m definitely a people person, so a good choice of industry to be in.

What has been your highlight this past year? Taking Albert on his first mini hike in Snowdonia was a proud moment.


Jordan Aspinall – Andrew Collinge Salon Manager – Andrew Collinge Graduates Bold Street

What is something that has helped shape who you are? Since being younger I have always been independent and wanted to achieve as much and work as hard as I could with anything I did. I always knew I wanted to work so I got a Saturday job at the age of 14 in a hairdressers, working half terms and summer holidays. I did this until I left school and became a part of Andrew Collinge.

When I was a young stylist I entered the Andrew Collinge Creative Stylist Competition and won. I took the prize of being a part of TIGI Inspirational Youth. I then went on to win that competition in which my prize was to go to Las Vegas to perform on stage at TIGI World Release. I think taking the time away from running a hairdressing column and having these experiences led me to realise I had a passion for inspiring people and trying to pass on any knowledge I’d gained.  

What do you like most about your job? I love the fact I get to inspire my team every day. I have a younger team and I can share my experiences with them. Because there is not a massive age gap between me and them, I can show them if you work hard you can achieve a lot in a short amount of time by putting in what you want to get out of the job.

With the way our Graduate salons work, we welcome new Graduates each year as they prepare to work toward their Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Hairdressing. It makes me proud to welcome the new Graduates each year, seeing them begin with nerves and doubts, and by the end of their training, seeing how they’ve grown into such talented hairdressers. This is what led me to achieve The Hazel Collinge Award. 

What has been your highlight this past year? My 2019 highlight would be getting engaged. I get to marry my best friend in 2020. We started as assistants together with Andrew Collinge and now we get to share the rest of our lives together.

What is something you are proud to have achieved? I am proud of the fact that by time I was 25 I owned and renovated my own house. I am also proud to have been promoted to Salon Manager; being one of the youngest managers in the company. I am also getting married this June to my partner who I met at Andrew Collinge. 

Another highlight would be my Hazel Collinge award. This award has nothing to do with targets but instead was so personal and such a heart-felt award to the Collinge family it filled me with joy and pride to know they trusted me to uphold this award and that I had shown them how much I wanted to do well.