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Smooth Christmas Hair

Our CO by Andrew Collinge Smooth Christmas Hair Gift Package contains all the products you need to re-create the smooth sleek looks that were popular on the catwalk this season. We’ve carefully put together a selection of CO favourites to keep your hair well conditioned, shiny and sleek, ensuring your hair remains beautifully intact throughout the winter weather.

Argan Oil

We love using Argan Oil in the salon because it is super light, silky and can be used on many hair types. CO by Andrew Collinge Argan Oil is made of a non-sticky formula which makes hair smoother, shinier and significantly speeds up drying time.

A salon favourite, Definer is an incredibly versatile product for both women’s and men’s hair. Using CO by Andrew Collinge Definer will give your hair brilliant shine, whilst it will also smooth down flyaway and control frizz.

Hair Moisturiser
CO by Andrew Collinge Hair Moisturiser is made with Argan Oils to hydrate, smooth and detangle hair. Moisturiser is a fantastic product for revitalising and calming down frizzy, unruly hair and is perfect for someone that wants healthy, shiny hair but with a no-product feel. It can be used before blow drying your hair and also between shampoos on the ends of the hair to give it a moisture boost.

Denman Brush
The CO by Andrew Collinge Denman brush is a high quality professional brush perfect for blow drying and styling your hair.

For further information on all CO by Andrew Collinge products, visit our Product Page.

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