Salon Terms & Conditions

Please find our Terms & Conditions applicable to retail sales and service sales in Andrew Collinge salons.

Redeeming Offers

Salon offer adverts will specify the nature of the offer and how they can be redeemed.

Offer adverts may specify limitations on redeeming the offer such as: expiry dates, the frequency a coupon can be used per person, a minimum or maximum spend, a limitation to redeem the offer against certain products or services, restrictions against redeeming the offer in conjunction with other offers or sales, specify in which salons an offer can be redeemed.

Offers can only be redeemed at the point of sale and cannot be redeemed retrospectively. It is the buyer's responsibility to notify the salon of an offer the buyer wishes to redeem prior to paying. Some offers require the presentation of a voucher or coupon code prior to paying.

The Perfect Finish

An exclusive discount for Andrew Collinge salons' clients.

Clients of Andrew Collinge salons receive 10% off any take-home retail products purchased at the same time as their hairdressing and/or beauty service appointments.

The discount cannot be applied to take-home retail products purchased on days other than the date of the hairdressing or beauty service appointment. The discount cannot be applied retrospectively of any previous purchases.

Recommend a Friend

Introduce a friend using a Recommend a Friend Voucher ("the Card") and you ("the Client") and your friend ("the Friend) will both receive £10 off your hair appointment. The Card will specify which salon ("the Salon") the Card can be redeemed at – the Voucher states the address and the telephone number of the salon on the Card.

Steps for claiming this offer:

  • the Client completes the Card, filling in their name, their address, their email and their Friend's name
  • the Client passes the Card to the Friend to book a hair (or beauty*) appointment
  • on completion of the Friend's hair (or beauty) appointment, the Friend presents the Card to receive £10 discount off their appointment total
  • the salon will process the Card and then send a £10 Gift Voucher to the Client in the post or via email. The £10 Gift Voucher can be redeemed in any Andrew Collinge salon against services or retail products
  • the Client can go through the above process as many times as they like as long as the Friend referred each time is new to Andrew Collinge


  • a maximum redemption of £10 per visit with this card and promotional voucher i.e. the Card cannot be used in conjunction with another offer
  • the Card does not grant a £10 discount on appointments that are blow-dry only appointments or appointments that are less than £10 in value
  • the £10 discount can only be redeemed in the salon listed on the Card
  • the Friend must be a new client to the Salon
  • *beauty appointment are only available at our Liverpool, Castle Street salon and Heswall salon

Data Privacy:

Personal data captured on this form will not be used for marketing purposes. The Client's personal data will only be used for the purposes of processing the sending of the £10 Gift Voucher to the Client. A record of the Recommend a Friend offer having be redeemed, is recorded in the digital client record of the Client and the Friend. Once the Card has been redeemed and the Client's Gift Voucher processed the Card will be securely destroyed.

Valentines Treat Voucher

The Valentines Treat Voucher is available for sale on, at our Heswall salon and our Liverpool, Castle Street salon.

The Valentines Treat Voucher entitles the holder to a Decleor Aromatic Facial – The ultimate luxury facial adapted for specific skin needs. The treatment begins with a consultation, followed by a diagnostic back massage, facial cleanse, exfoliation, aromapressure, aroma massage and finally an arm
& hand massage.

To redeem the Valentines Treat Voucher:

  • contact one of the salon reception teams listed on the voucher to book an appointment
  • present the Valentines Treat Voucher to the reception team on completion of the appointment


  • The Valentines Treat Voucher can only be redeemed in our Heswall salon and our Liverpool, Castle Street salon
  • This Valentines Treat Voucher can only be used to redeem the Valentines Treat, Decleor Aromatic Facial treatment and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer
  • The Valentines Treat Voucher cannot be redeemed beyond the expiry date printed on the voucher

Gift Vouchers

Andrew Collinge Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against all services and products sold in Andrew Collinge salons.

If your order total is less than the value of the Gift Vouchers used, no change will be given. Gift Vouchers can be combined with cash or credit-card payments in a single transaction.

Some Andrew Collinge Gift Vouchers state that they can only be redeemed in certain salons. Gift Vouchers that do not have a location-redemption restriction stated upon them, can be redeemed in all Andrew Collinge salons.

They are non-transferable, may not be returned and cannot be redeemed for cash.

If you return products bought using Gift Vouchers, then the refund will be made using the original payment method i.e. Gift Vouchers, equalling the product value to the nearest GBP 5 multiple, with the balance being refunded as cash.

Andrew Collinge is not responsible if Gift Vouchers are lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.

Andrew Collinge Gift Vouchers cannot be used to purchase products on

Promotional vouchers are not to be confused with Gift Vouchers. Promotional vouchers may have further limitations and restrictions.